Start with an electric motorcycle


At age 2 or 3, kick bike

Children who ride smoothly.

However, for children's engine bikes

to be able to ride

​I have to wait a little longer to grow.

Yotsubamoto Meow

Connect between kick bike and engine bike

A completely new electric bike.

Children who cannot yet ride a bicycle

Even children who are afraid of the sound of the engine will be fine.

Small, light and easy.

Friendly and easy to play.

Unevenness, gravel roads, slopes, puddles.

All playgrounds.

Even if you fall, you can wake yourself up.

Suitable for "first bike" for Meow

There are many tricks.


​To the world of motorsports.




The lineup includes a 12-inch model that is the same size as a run bike and a slightly larger 16-inch model. Have you ever seen such a small bike?
​Both sizes have the same basic performance.


Meow 16

Estimated target age: 5 years old ~

price undecided
​ Next production scheduled around summer 2022




The Meow has a lot of features that make it very unique among the traditional children's engine bikes and even among the e-bikes.


​3 power modes

At first, start practicing slow mode about brisk walking. This mode is easy for riders who are familiar with kick bikes to keep their balance, and the speed is easy for moms and dads to follow. Even if you can't use the brakes well yet ​, it's a speed that you can stop with the foot brake just like a kick bike.

The sharp start that is unique to electric motorcycles is a no-no for first-time riders. Tailored to a soft start with a specially programmed controller.

Once you get used to it, gradually step up the power mode from Medium to Fast. Maximum speed, acceleration, and hill climbing power will be increased together with ​.


small, light

With an aluminum frame and a dedicated lithium battery, the body is about 1.5 times lighter than bicycles of similar size . The seat height is also designed to be lower than similar size bicycles .

For children riding motorcycles for the first time, weight and size lead to fear and anxiety. Being light and small is a big advantage both psychologically and physically . It will support you even if you get knocked down, and it will reduce the risk of injury when you fall and get caught .


​Motor stop when falling

A 3-axis sensor cuts power to the motors as soon as it senses a fall.

As long as it is a motorcycle, it is inevitable that it will fall, but it reduces the possibility of an accident in which the rider or a friend is caught in the rear wheel when falling.

Also, when raising the car, there is no need to worry about running out of control even if the throttle is open. The motor is programmed ​ not to restart until the throttle is fully closed.


​Can be loaded on various cars

The car problem can be said to be the first hurdle in motorsports . I want my child to start riding a motorcycle, but it is difficult to prepare a vehicle for transporting the motorcycle.

The Yotsubamoto Meow is small and light , so even moms can easily load it into their car and use it as their usual practice spot. It doesn't leak fuel or oil , so you can lay it on its side or upside down. It can be loaded on various vehicles such as compact cars, SUVs, and light vehicles that were difficult to load motorcycles until now .

the motor is in the wheel

6 white red_edited.jpg

Layout the motor in the wheel of the rear wheel. Since there are no chains or sprockets, the risk of fingers or clothes getting caught is greatly reduced.

Also, the fact that the motor, which is the heaviest object, is close to the ground means that the center of gravity is low. It is more stable and easier to raise.

No chain adjustment or lubrication is required, and maintenance is easy.

small diameter throttle for children


The throttle is specially designed with a small diameter to suit small hands . It is a discerning part developed for Meow . The grip size for adults is around φ31.5mm, but I made it with φ26.5mm for children.

Like baseball bats, tennis rackets, and kendo shinai, these are sports tools, so it is very important that they fit your hand .

Also, the brake lever is ​ size for children.

car wash ok


Electronic parts are laid out in the frame. The motor is also waterproof, so it can be used in car washes and puddles.

However, it is not completely waterproof, so avoid crossing rivers, submerging in water, washing the car upside down, or washing the car with a high-pressure washing machine.

Dedicated lithium battery


Built-in 24V4Ah dedicated lithium battery. When the battery level drops below 1/3, the indicator flashes like a certain hero's timer to let you know.

Charging using a household 100V power supply takes about two and a half hours.


 Product comes with red and blue decals. ​Also available in green, orange, yellow, and light blue as options.


black red
White red
black blue
white blue


black lite blue
White lite blue
black orange
White orange
black yellow
White yellow
black green
white green

-Where to buy?-

Meow has two ways to buy.

One is that you can purchase it at bike shops, bike supply stores, and bicycle stores nationwide that carry Meow. In this case, the vehicle will be delivered fully assembled.

If there is no dealer near you, you can also purchase it on our mail order site "Dirt Bike Plus". ​In this case, you will need to assemble and maintain it yourself. Please refer to the following video for assembly and adjustment work. If you are worried about the work, we recommend leaving it to the shops listed on the shop list.

buy in store

buy online



-Where to ride?-

Yotsubamoto Meow is legally a racing motorcycle, so it cannot be ridden on roads or parks .

Ride on private property or dedicated parks.

That said, you may not be familiar with a dedicated park . Please refer to the nationwide park list and go to a park near you. The park list will continue to grow in the future.

Currently, most of the parks are for motorcycles, but the number of parks in urban areas and indoors will increase, taking advantage of the characteristics of electric motorcycles, which do not emit exhaust gas or exhaust noise .

national park list



Japan's largest motorcycle cross-country race series, JNCC.

As one of the contents in it, a race called FCX started from the 2018 season. This is a race for children up to the second grade, and in addition to the 50cc bike class for children, there is also a Yotsubamoto Meow class.

It's a compact race of about 10 minutes, but how about participating in it as a parent 's participation in the race and watching the race , or as a family trip?

​Click here for details




Possibilities of playing Yotsubamoto

spread out

We have prepared special items for ​.



It was unlikely!

Super introductory boots!


​Get more acceleration!


Specially designed up handle!


​Full support for repair parts



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