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Possibilities of playing Yotsubamoto

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We have prepared special items for ​.


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​holeshot helmet

Yotsubamoto, the perfect full-face helmet for Yotsuba cycle.

Considering the safety of the rider, I would like to have them wear a full-face helmet, but conventional full-face helmets

"Heavy" "I feel stuck" "Hot"

"It doesn't fit the shape of the Japanese head" "Too expensive"

There was a problem.

The Holeshot Helmet was born with these issues in mind.

While complying with the European CE standard, it ensures coolness by providing a large number of openings. The weight is also reduced to about 680g.

In addition, by adopting a wide shell design according to the Japanese head and equipped with a variety of adjuster functions, it fits many kids.


Size: 48-58cm Applicable age: 3 years old to elementary school lower grades

*The holeshot helmet is a bicycle standard helmet. Cannot be used for MFJ-sponsored motorcycle races or riding motorcycles on public roads (including tandem).

​part number






13,200 yen​


​ Excite Boots

The perfect boot for Yotsubamoto riding.

Protects the rider's feet from contact with obstacles, the road surface and the vehicle body.

In particular, the area around the shin and Achilles tendon, which is likely to come into contact with the footpeg, is made thicker.

Uses Velcro instead of buckles so that even infants can easily put them on and take them off by themselves.


Also, unlike snow boots, the interior is made of dry material, so you can wear it comfortably even in summer.

​ 50mm from the sole is integrally molded with the sole to prevent mud and water from entering.

(* Above the ankle is not waterproof.)

In addition to the standard white and black colors, red and blue with a sense of hero are set.


Sizes are 16-17cm, 18-19cm, 20-21cm

Set 4 sizes of 22-23cm.

​part number



YB04-0117 16-17cm

YB04-0119 18-19cm

YB04-0121 20-21cm

YB04-0123 22-23cm


Red & Blue       _cc781905-5cde-3195db38db38db_bb3

YB04-0317 16-17cm

YB04-0319 18-19cm

YB04-0321 20-21cm

YB04-0323 22-23cm



YB04-0817 16-17cm

YB04-0819 18-19cm

YB04-0821 20-21cm

YB04-0823 22-23cm

4,180 yen​

MX Handle Bar

MX handlebar

against the standard

MX handlebar raised about 70mm.

For adjusting the position when the position is cramped due to the rider's physique, or when mainly riding in standing -3239-9149-20813d6c673b_ item.

The width of the handlebar is 600mm, so please cut it according to the rider's physique.

​ (Reference Meow12: 460mm Meow16: 480mm)

Made of aluminium

Handle diameter Φ19.1

Clamp diameter Φ25.4

width 600mm

height 95mm

​part number

YB65-0226C Black
YB65-0227 Blue

YB65-0228 Red

YB65-0229 Gold   

2,420 yen


quick booster

The Yotsubamoto Meow is designed with a gentle accelerator response for the first bike, but some kids may find it unsatisfactory once they get used to it.

In such a case, a quick booster.

If you replace it with this optional controller, the accelerator response will be sharper and the acceleration power will increase.

The green of the selector key has been changed to the red equivalent of the standard controller, and the acceleration power increases as it changes to blue and red. In any key position, the response immediately after opening the accelerator is similarly sharp.

In addition, the maximum speed is almost the same as the standard red, and there is no change.

​ Not only does it feel good when cornering, but it is also effective when going up front and over bumps. ​

​Product number: YB65-0354 (Japanese specification)

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ YB65-0354N (global spec)


​6,490 yen

Check the comparison video ↓↓↓​

※Please be careful※

​The part numbers for Japanese and global specifications are different.

​How to distinguish between old and new lots


The bike with the aluminum plate lid at the bottom of the frame is the old lot, the so-called "Japanese specification".

The new lot, the "global specification", has a lid at the bottom of the frame that is molded in plastic and swells by about 10 mm.


Japanese specification (old lot)


Global specification (new lot)

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