Let's play greedily

A new model was born in Yotsuba Moto. 
It is WOOF.


Equipped with 48V 750W (max. 1500W instantaneous), aluminum frame, front and rear suspension, and disc brakes, it is designed for more serious riding.


Furthermore, by changing the swingarm mounting position, it can be converted into two dimensions (motocross and trial), allowing the rider to experience a variety of riding styles with a single machine.

Of course, the Yotsuba Moto spirit of familiarity, lightness, and simplicity that we have cultivated with the Meow remains unchanged. You can play without being restricted by categories.


Yotsuba Moto is a competition motorcycle.

It cannot ride on public roads.


※ The bike in this movie is a prototype. There is a difference from the actual product. note that.

- Size -

Like Meow, WOOF is available in two sizes.

Power, maximum speed, battery, controller, and other contents are the same in both sizes.



Estimated target age: 7 years old ~



Estimated target age: 9 years old ~

Side-16MX ウェブ.jpg





*The tire size of WOOF16 is the same as that of ordinary 16-inch bicycles, but the tire size of WOOF20 is not compatible with the 20-inch tires of ordinary bicycles, because WOOF20 uses so-called "19-inch" tires with larger air volume, although they are 20-inch in description.



48V 750W
​​ FUN

- Features -


Two dimensions

The biggest feature of WOOF is that it can be converted into motocross dimension and trial dimension by removing the seat and changing the mounting position of the swing arm and foot peg.

The motocross dimension has a long wheelbase, casters down, and foot pegs on the front. Suitable for speedy riding.

The trial dimension has a short wheelbase, casters up, and foot pegs on the back. Suitable for action riding such as front up.

The conversion work can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes, so you can easily use it depending on the park you go to.



Stepless power adjustment

WOOF shows the powerful acceleration unique to electric motorcycles, but we have not forgotten the consideration for beginners.

The adjustment dial adjusts the maximum speed and acceleration at the same time. It is safe for kids who ride a motorcycle for the first time.
The power max is 40km / h, but when the dial is turned all the way to the left, it is 10 km / h. It is about the speed of a short run.




Sunny mode / Rain mode

You can switch between the two traction modes with the switch at hand.

The sunny mode is a mode in which you can fully enjoy the original acceleration, and is intended for use on dry paved roads.

The rain mode has been adjusted for a gentle start with an emphasis on traction on wet paved and off-road surfaces.


Lightweight design

By adopting an aluminum frame and lithium battery, the lightweight design weighs 24.5 kg for WOOF 16 and 26.5 kg for WOOF 20.

That's about half the weight of an entry-level engine 50cc bike. Its light weight makes it easy to tackle daring terrain.


​Easy battery replacement

Battery installation is a slide-in type. You can replace the battery in a short time.

The estimated continuous running time is about 1 hour in full power mode with a 60kg adult on board. It lasts almost a day for kids playing in the park, but it's very easy to use a spare battery just in case.

Charging time is about 3 hours with a household 100V power supply.


Small diameter throttle

The throttle is specially designed with a small diameter to suit small hands . It is a discerning part developed for Yotsubamoto . The grip size for adults is usually around φ31.5mm, but it is made in φ26.5mm for children.

Like baseball bats, tennis rackets, and kendo shinai, these are sports tools, so it is very important that they fit your hand .

Also, the brake lever is ​ size for children.


In-wheel motor

Like Meow, it uses an in-wheel motor that does not use chains and sprockets, which are sharp rotating parts. You can reduce the risk of injury from getting your body or clothes caught in a fall.


Under guard

Equipped with a sturdy underguard with a thickness of 3 mm to protect the precious battery. ​The shape is devised so that even if you bump into a rock or log, the impact from the front will escape diagonally.



Suspension & Brake

Equipped with front and rear suspension, and front and rear brakes use wire-type discs.


WOOF comes with 2 color decals. "Aqua" with a tropical image. "Navy" gives a firm impression.

​ We have prepared a wide variety of numbers for bibs.


-Where to buy?-

WOOF can be purchased at Yotsubamoto dealers nationwide. You can also purchase at the following mail order site. *In the case of mail order, assembly by yourself (front wheel, steering wheel, exterior installation, brake adjustment, etc.) is required. Please refer to the video below for the actual assembly. If you find it difficult to assemble, please contact one of the shops on the shop list.

buy in store

buy online


-Where to ride?-

Yotsubamoto WOOF is legally a competition motorcycle, so it cannot be ridden on roads or parks . Ride on private property or dedicated parks.

That said, you may not be familiar with a dedicated park. Please refer to the nationwide park list and go to a park near you. The park list will continue to grow in the future.

Currently, most of the parks are for motorcycles, but the number of parks in urban areas and indoors will increase, taking advantage of the characteristics of electric motorcycles that do not emit exhaust gas or exhaust noise.

national park list




Currently, there are a growing number of electric bike categories in kids' races around the country.

Some of these events are even holding an annual series of races.

If there is a recommended race, we will let you know on Yotsuba Moto's SNS and event information.

Please follow us.


Yotsubamoto is a competition bike.

​Cannot be driven on public roads.