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This is a list of various replacement parts and consumable parts.

To purchase, check the product number and go to a Yotsubamoto dealer.


Please be careful. Global specifications (new lot) and Japanese specifications (old lot) have different parts.

​How to distinguish between old and new lots


The bike with the aluminum plate lid at the bottom of the frame is the old lot, the so-called "Japanese specification".

The new lot, the "global specification", has a lid at the bottom of the frame that is molded in plastic and swells by about 10 mm.


Japanese specification (old lot)


Global specification (new lot)

Display color legend by specification

Common to global and Japanese specifications

Japanese specification parts

Parts for global specifications


Japanese specification (discontinued)


When replacing the battery of a vehicle with Japanese specifications, please purchase the "Global Specification Conversion Kit".



Global specification conversion kit

(for normal controller)

YB65-GLCN  ¥23500 (excluding tax)

A set of battery, normal controller, charging port, and battery cover for changing Japanese specification vehicles to global specifications.


Global specification conversion kit

(for quick booster)

YB65-GLQB  ¥23500 (excluding tax)

A battery, quick booster, charging port, and battery cover set for changing Japanese specification vehicles to global specifications.



Global specifications

YB65-0211N  ¥19500 (excluding tax)


Motor 12 inch​

YB65-0212  ¥21000 (excluding tax)

Motor 16 inch​

YB65-0213  ¥30000 (excluding tax)

electric controller

Japanese specification

YB65-0214  ¥5800 (excluding tax)

electric controller

Global specification

YB65-0214N  ¥5800 (excluding tax)

battery charger

YB65-0215J  ¥5200 (excluding tax)

Gyro system 45°

YB65-0216N  ¥5400 (excluding tax)

*Equipped as standard on global specifications. The operating bank angle of the fall sensor is 45°
​Can also be used as a replacement for Japanese specifications (operating angle 35°).

power switch

YB65-0217  ¥1800 (excluding tax)

Throttle assembly

YB65-0218  ¥1500 (excluding tax)


motor control wires

YB65-0219  ¥1800 (excluding tax)

charging port

​Japanese specification

YB65-0220  ¥300 (excluding tax)

charging port

​global specifications

YB65-0220N  ¥600 (excluding tax)

speed switch

YB65-0221  ¥1500 (excluding tax)


YB65-0222  ¥500 (excluding tax)

key cover

YB65-0223  ¥500 (excluding tax)


for 12 inch

YB65-0230  ¥1700 (excluding tax)



for 12 inch

YB65-0230  ¥1700 (excluding tax)

tire tube

12 inch for front

YB90-4712  ¥500 (excluding tax)

tire tube

12 inch for rear

YB65-0234  ¥500 (excluding tax)


for 16 inch

YB65-0235  ¥2000 (excluding tax)


20 inches (common front and rear)

YB65-2020  ¥3,850


tire tube

16 inch for front and rear

YB90-4716  ¥500 (excluding tax)

Rear brake assembly

YB65-0245  ¥1600 (excluding tax)

Seat assembly

YB65-0250  ¥3300 (excluding tax)

License plate

YB65-0260  ¥1000 (excluding tax)

​step rubber set

YB65-0270  ¥1100 (excluding tax)

grip rubber set

YB65-0280  ¥1100 (excluding tax)

side stand

​for 12 inches

YB65-0290  ¥850 (excluding tax)

side stand

​for 16 inch

YB65-0291  ¥850 (excluding tax)



YB90-5010  ¥1500 (excluding tax)

brake lever

​left and right

YB90-3519  ¥1800 (excluding tax)

Front brake cable SET

​12/16 inch shared

YB65-0400  ¥2000 (excluding tax)

Rear brake cable SET

​for 12 inches

YB65-0405  ¥2000 (excluding tax)

Rear brake cable SET

​for 16 inch

YB65-0410  ¥2000 (excluding tax)

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